Business strategy

360 strategy consulting

Our consultants help companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs and NGOs around the world identify, develop and implement winning strategies that provide superior competitive advantage while at the same time offering support and capability building at every stage of the strategic journey.

ALCOCER&CO.’s cornerstones of our business model are:

  • Six Sigma approach: The customer is placed at the center of our methodology. We need to understand its needs (Voice of customer) and business objetives, place them in a time horizon, identify and map the key processes and team members having the biggest impact in the company results in order to define appropriate metrics that can be measured and analyzed to propose realistic and practical solutions with the goal of maximizing the long term enterprise value.
  • Data driven approach. If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve. Lead by facts rather than feelings.
  • Understand the current company life cycle: Start up, growth, consolidation, internationalization, restructuring, reactivation.
  • Understand the strategic and operational dimensions.
  • Impact over the main value creation gears: people, organization, strategy, processes, technology.
  • Result driven approach.