Entrepreneurship, startups and venture capital

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela.

We help entrepreneurs to be successful in their new business venture. We work with clients strengthening different knowledge areas and provide advisory on topics such as:

  • We analyze and set up entrepreneurs’ individual business needs by following critical success factors and asking for the right questions: What makes your project unique from competitors, what is your competitive advantage, strategic-financial-social fit, main drivers of value creation, resources needed and their cost, initial level of investment, funding required, financial expected results and payback period.
  • Legal advisory: non disclosure and confidentiality agreements, shareholders´agreements, stock options and compensation schemes, suitable legal structure.
  • Business plan design and strategy, Business Canvas, marketing and business development, and  financial modeling.
  • Brand and corporate identity design.
  • IT platform development: website, mobile, e-commerce, m-commerce.
  • Preparation of corporate profile and pitch elevator.
  • Funding sources and raising capital. Meeting with potential investors.
  • Training and capacity building courses.