Corporate social responsibility

Viaje Perú 2011 - Lamas

ALCOCER&CO. is fully committed with social initiatives that promotes long term value creation for the Society, as we firmly believe that the main objective of companies must be maximizing long term economic value while at the same time making an impact in Society.


We collaborate with Minds4change NGO whose mission is investing in people, ventures and ideas to create systemic change, and becoming an international NGO providing economic and human resources such as: multidisciplinary teams comprised by students, postgraduate students, graduates, companies, unemployed professionals and retired professionals (acting as mentors and tutors within the team) in order to undertake projects in developed and Third world countries with the main focus in education, entrepreneurship and engineering. 

Minds4change supports entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs too through its crowdfunding and e-commmerce platforms, helping for instance other social initiatives and NGOs to raise funding for their own projects or providing visibility to the products-services sold by entrepreneurs.

If you want to know in more detail how you can help, please contact us.